Dbug Lab Pvt. Ltd. is introducing a new IT service “Testing” to ensure the reliability of the developed websites or mobile applications. The bestowed company has versatile testers which makes use of the latest facts and techniques to qualify the quality of the product by undertaking the developed product into several test cases.
In layman words, testing is the process of executing a website or a mobile application with the aim of rectifying the bugs so that it could work properly on any platform without causing any sort of interruption. The aim of testing can be defined as:
• Responds Correctly To All Kinds of Inputs
• Performs its Functions within an Acceptable Time
Our mission is to serve the product with quality with an amiable approach. Under the roof of Dbug Lab, the various types of testing services that are being offered are –
1. Website Testing
2. Mobile Application Testing (Android, Ios ,Hybrid App)
Website Testing – A prominent testing service in which the skilled employees entirely focuses on the web application to determine the correct functionality of the website. The company makes use of the latest test web tools as well as web interfaces which tend to stimulate the virtual users with the aim to ensure the product’s reliability. The number of compatibility tests which are conducted during website testing includes –
• Browser Compatibility
• Operating System Compatibility
• Windows Application Compatibility
Mobile Application Testing – The testing service exclusively designed for handheld devices to ensure the proper working of the mobile applications. At our company, we have different levels of testing for mobile software i.e. Automated Testing and Manual Testing.
Our company offers a wide range of mobile app testing such as –
Android App Testing -The trending testing which includes testing of several test classes on Android devices for the smooth working of the application. We make use of the latest technologies and trends to check the test package to give accurate results in a timeless manner.
Ios App Testing – A reliable testing service offered under the roof of Dbug to ensure that the developed application works flawlessly on all popular IOS devices and operating systems. Along with this, there are no bugs in the app which can affect the app’s functionality.
Hybrid App Testing – Dbug Lab Pvt. Ltd. also offers Hybrid App testing service which means testing the compatibility of the application which can work on Android as well IOS platform in a consistent manner.