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Credibility of a business does only due to its good reputation! The online reputation of a brand is crucial as it helps in generating and maintaining the trust of customers, for a business. Internet, being a platform to express the thoughts of a user, also allows anyone to generate negative publicity. Even a well-established business has to come across reputation-related challenges including negative reviews, negative media coverage, false data, etc. Online reputation management work as a grace for prohibiting such challenges and keep a positive image of a brand.

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Our Range of ORM Services

  • Brand Analysis: Analyzation of reputation and brand of customer: We begin with the evaluation of a brand’s reputation in the market, and the competitors. Followed by this, we also work for inspecting untraceable threats for your brand.
  • Strategy: Our ORM strategy not only insulates your brand’s image but also include a proactive approach so that the damage does not get exposed. Our potent strategy makes use of particular tools and techniques to counter negative exposure.
  • Implementation: All the competent ideas united effectively by our experts and implemented to refurbish a brand’s reputation. From creating an intricate plan to downplay the effect of negative publicity, to taking appropriate actions.
  • Branding: What a brand can take up to build its positive reputation among customers? Either they can make a fully-positive reputation or protect your brand from all the negative reviews. And interestingly, we do these both under the same covering! From building an effective brand image to optimizing a brand’s reputation on every platform, we help you at every step.
  • Supervision: Don't underestimate our service skills for the creation and management of a brand's reputation. We are capable of delivering more than that! By keeping an eye on the web and online conversion, we work as a helping hand in removing false and aspersive statements
  • Coverage: What will be metric to identify how adequate a campaign is? Or how do you trust that we are on the right track? We believe that inclusive reports actually help a business to trail the progress of the campaign, and so we do provide that. Our entire performance metric included in the report is sufficient to ratify our services.

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Our expert team of professionals believes in delivering tailor-made solutions as per client needs. Make your business boom to the next level with the confluence of innovative technology and better revenues.
Why choose our ORM services?

Serving outclass reputation management services over the years! Dbug Lab is dedicated to measuring, auditing & managing the online well-being of your brand. We make your brand’s image preserved from extrinsic peril and any negative publicity. From overpowering negative prominence to producing a positive image of products, services or brands of clients, we expertise impressive ORM schemes and build gleaming online reputation. Let your brand’s positive online reputation speak in search results and across social channels! How we approach this - by building your online presence across numerous channels like web forums, social media sites & press release distributors. We understand that reputation management is essential for every industry, and aim to shield your brand.

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