5 Quick Ways to Increase Organic Search Rankings& Boost Your Audience

In this fast-paced digital age, organic search results matter a lot as users focus on organic search results 94% of the time. Where 93% of the online experiences start with a search & the conversions driven by them bring higher conversion rates as compared to other traffic funnels. So, whether you run a small or big business online, you know the importance of organic results for the sales of your business. In this guide, there are the 5 crucial tips to increase organic search rankings & boost your audience. In addition to this, Dbug Lab offers affordable organic search engine optimization & digital marketing services at your fingers. Feel free to contact us!

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your site through a keyword search in Google or other search engine platforms like Yahoo, Bing, or others. This traffic differs from other traffic that is not derived from clicking a paid ad, & traffic from social media.


5 Fast Ways to Increase Organic Search Rankings & Boost Your Audience

Follow these ways & get quality results in organic traffic & customer conversions.

1. Discover the Best Way for Organic Search Engine Activities

In simple words, it means that you should follow the updated Google algorithm & stages in the ranking process which are as follows:

  • The first one is crawling which means looking for content for each URL available.
  • The second one is indexing which is analyzing the URLs, and site map to store & organize the content.
  • The third or last one is ranking which checks whether the content is relevant or useful to a search or not.
For increasing organic traffic, your website’s page must be crawled & indexed. For this, you need to add relevant keywords, add engaging content, & remove all the barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. By following this way, you can boost organic traffic & customer experience.

2. Focus on Creating Quality Backlinks Profile

Creating a quality backlinks profile is one of the fastest ways to get good results from organic traffic. Why? Because Google takes backlinks very seriously & they are valuable to rank your product or service in search engines & defeat your competitors. Also, Google Bots tend to believe that a site that has popular backlinks is trusted & pushes them up to a higher ranking. So, always focus on creating quality backlinks. To know how many backlinks you’re to create, you can check the competitor’s site & backlinks. Last but not the least, don’t let spam backlinks spoil the position of your site on search engines & so keep a check on the regular intervals.

4. Content is the King

You’ve heard this many a times, “Content is the king.” Yes, it is true. For driving results from organic search results, you must focus on higher-quality content. If the content is not up to scratch then your pages are not going to be ranked highly. Now, for engaging your audience, you’ll need to write in short paragraphs as big chunks of content will not hold your user’s attention & they’ll switch it quickly. Moreover, you can add subheadings, bullet points, and 3-4 sentences paragraphs & make it engaging as much as you can.

5. Focus on Your Digital Presence on Social Media

Make sure to link your blog posts on social media & promote them as searching many keywords will generate a social media platform is one of the top spots. So, if you focus on your digital presence then they’re very beneficial when you’re wanting to increase your organic search traffic. To get organic traffic within a short period, you can run social media campaigns that are costly but make you popular on digital platforms & huge beneficial in increasing organic traffic & audience experience. Follow these above 5 ways & see results. Also,

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