5 Quick Reasons Why Companies Fail at SEO

Read on the 5 quick reasons why companies fail at SEO.

1. Companies Choose Cheap or Fake Promise Vendors

Since SEO began, the subject of “guaranteed” SEO ranking has become a debatable question. Some companies sweet promises to clients that within one month they will be in the first ranking of Google page. Then at the end of the month, those sweet promises get fade. So, basically the promise of ranking #1 is used as a sales tactic. However, SEO is not possible overnight unlike social media, PPC, or other promotional campaigns. For getting fruitful results, it takes from 3 months to up to 1 year as Google considers 200+ factors for ranking your website.

So, it is advisable to choose a Digital Marketing Company that will show you the true picture, describe how SEO grows, & offer you the best SEO services.


2. Companies Team up with SEO Companies that Don’t Focus on Backlinks

Do you know that thousands upon thousands of websites are battling to come on the top Google ranking? However, only a few get selected so what makes it possible!!

Secure & quality backlinks hugely contribute to the success of SEO as the entire underground market for SEO is based on linking exchange.

So, make sure you choose the Best Digital Marketing Company for your work that will not get backlinks from garbage domains. Otherwise, it can be quite difficult for you to get an excellent ROI & even, you may be manually or algorithmically penalized by Google.

3. Is Your Company Getting Quality Traffic?

There is a huge difference between traffic & quality traffic as random traffic doesn’t generate ROI & leads for your company. All it is about getting targeted, specific, qualified, & relevant traffic so that your company gets leads from blogs or articles that rank highly in Google search results.

For this, several factors are contributory such as choosing the right SEO keywords for traffic, focusing on high-quality content, improving your on-page SEO, blogging regularly, & getting quality backlinks.

4. Companies Should Primarily Focus on Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important consideration in SEO. While doing SEO for your product or services, the digital marketing agency should make proper keyword research that is high in the ranking. Good SEO agencies always target content that is buy-oriented than educational content. Indeed, it is a must that digital marketing agencies should search-relevant keywords that will generate leads, & quality traffic than readers.

5. Expecting Instant SEO Results?

Last but not the least, SEO does not give results overnight but it is long-term play than short-term but complementary pay-per-click (PPC), online ads, & social media. Indeed, you need patience & to give your bid early before harvesting the results. Undoubtedly, every investment, you pay will be worth it. All you need to do is give you investment, believe in Dbug Lab & with our hard work within months or a couple of years you will reap the results for a lifetime.


These were the list of factors that gives clarity why companies fail at SEO. So, consider these reasons & make sure you choose the Best Digital Marketing Company like Dbug Lab that will stand you out in the competition.

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